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Title: Gym Buds
Added On: Thursday, November 14, 2019

Gym Buds
Sean & Asher Bareback: Sean and Asher hit the stairs hard, training their sculpted bodies before getting hot and sweaty in the gym. "From what I hear he has one of the biggest dicks on the site," says Asher. Daniel & Cam Bareback: Studly Daniel leads sculpted Cam through a sweaty hands on yoga session. "It's important to get grounded before you get pounded," flirts Daniel. Daniel helps Cam stretch out, paying special attention to his ass. "The ground feels pretty good," says Cam. Kieran & Jayce Bareback: Tall, muscular, and hung, blonde hunk Kieran is known for being a top, but just because Jayce is looking forward to Kieran fucking him doesn't mean he's not hoping to return the favor! "Kieran's only a top, but wouldn't it be hot if I get to fuck him as well?" Jayce says with a grin. Deacon & Lane Bareback: Muscular stud Deacon is training Lane in the gym and these guys are really working up a sweat. Deacon sets up the tattooed twink for a chest press, asking how much weight he can take. "I think I can handle it all!" Lane replies with a grin, making it look easy until Deacon starts rubbing his cock and teases, "How easy is it now?"
Studio: Sean Cody
Director: Sean Cody

Title: Leather Daddy Jack Dixon Brutally Fucks Chance Summerlin
Added On: Thursday, November 14, 2019

Leather Daddy Jack Dixon Brutally Fucks Chance Summerlin
Fully clad in leather this muscular hairy leather daddy smokes a huge cigar in his dark dungeon. His slave boy, Chance Summerlin, worships his boots and gloves before choking on his master's fat cock. Chance is brutally tormented with crops, flogging, and inversion suspension. Chance takes Jack's fat cock up his tight asshole before flooding the dungeon with cum.
Studio: KinkMen
Series: Bound Gods
Director: Sebastian Keys

Title: RSVP
Added On: Thursday, November 14, 2019

It’s time to RSVP for another smoking hot TitanMen fresh sex party! This time, the guys gather at a beautiful town house where cute Brian Brower and tall, muscular Milan Johanson know the proper way to entertain their friends: first, they make sure everybody has a drink, then ream their asses until they’ve covered the floors and counter tops with load after load of creamy sperm! Luke Taylor and Jarek Soldan are a couple of ripped, smooth and muscular buddies who can’t keep their hands off each other. They find an empty bedroom; rip off each other’s clothes and in no time, Jarek’s cock is balls deep in Luke’s hard, muscled butt. Jarek’s deep thrusts drive Luke straight over the edge and he blasts an incredible sticky load all over himself while Jarek continues to pound him senseless. Handsome Luko Marshall and sexy David White find themselves alone in a corner kissing and chewing on each other’s hard pecs. By the time they get to some serious cock sucking, Brian Brower appears naked with his throbbing dick in hand, ready to turn the duo into a smoking hot three-way. Brian and David take turns banging Luko’s luscious butt until everybody’s dripping with spunk. Before the night comes to an end, beefy Marco Mark, Milan Johanson and handsome Adam Zarsky fuck the house down and end up in a tub where Marco and Milan take turns plugging horny Adam’s eager hole with their thick, juicy cocks. A sweaty and sexy good time is had by all!
Director: Richie Oldmann

Title: Dirty Little Angels
Added On: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dirty Little Angels
On the surface they look innocent, almost virginal and inexperienced. Perhaps that’s what makes twinks so appealing. Except many have a secret that they don’t want you to know. At least, not at first. You see, the most innocent looking of twinks are often the dirtiest. Don’t believe us? Go ahead! Ask Timber Harvest, Jackson Wright, Justin Cross, Bar Addison, Tyler Tremallose, Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser, and Adam Strong. Better yet, watch them for yourself in… Dirty Little Angels.

Title: Deadbeat Breeding
Added On: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Deadbeat Breeding
Deadbeats, delinquents, criminals, dregs of society, loafers, moochers. Whatever you call these guys, they are all the same. They care only about their own immediate personal pleasure and comfort, and they could give a rat’s ass about anyone else. They have no internal motivation to be responsible, or to help out their fellow citizens. As such, there are two ways of dealing with them: trying to open their eyes so that they instinctively work toward their own self-improvement, or giving them external motivation to get their ass off the couch and begin contributing. We at the Halfway House strongly prefer the latter approach, and we have found that one great external motivation is ramming our dicks in their virgin assholes in order to make them see the light. Whether they are new offenders or have lived in years of squalor and deprivation, once a thick cock is shoved into these straight guys’ mouths, they know that the jig is up and that they had better change their ways. In the meantime, the house managers have a lot of fun using their moist mouths and tight unused cunts as a way to get off. Once these ruffians have been face fucked, ass slammed, and bred, they have a tendency to see life from a different angle. Hell, some of them even start to enjoy it. Dumping a load of jizz deep into one of these fuckers’ assholes is truly a gift to society.
Director: Shane Aaron

Title: My Husband's Huge Cock
Added On: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Husband's Huge Cock
Jett Reed waits for his husband, Riley Mitchel, to come home and bareback his slut hole while Luke Harrington opens up his husband, Tyler Griz's, hole then lets his friend, Riley Mitchel, get sloppy seconds. Alex Hawk waits in his g-string for his husband, Aiden Ward, to come home from work and destroy his jock pussy. Bonus Couple: Mason Lear gets barebacked and used by his husband, Bishop Angus!
Director: Tyler Reed

Title: Room Rendezvous
Added On: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Room Rendezvous
Buddies Elye Black & Scott Finn are ready to hit the town and tag team the night away, but Scott's already out of control. His hard dick is bursting out of his pants, and Elye's looking pretty good on the other side of the bed. Zak Bishop can't wait to find out if Adonis Cole is as   tender and strong as his potential suggests. Luckily for him, Adonis is the full package, and the heat he's packing is enough to convince Zak he's bedding down with a Greek God. Alex Rim can’t remember the last time he got any sex. Buddy Trevor Laster has been wondering how long Alex can hold out, and decides today is the day he'll make his move. Hoss Kado is a stud on the field, but he's much more interested in scoring with Dalton Riley in his bed. He shows off his ball handling skills and then shows why he's a fullback on the field and in the bedroom. 

Title: Elder Hult: Chapters 1-5
Added On: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Elder Hult: Chapters 1-5
Elder Hult struggles with an inability to keep his carnal desires at bay, knowing that this will eventually lead to severe consequences within the brotherhood. President Lewis takes it on himself to remind Elder Hult that his oral and ass pounding fantasies must be kept in check if he hopes to advance within the order. Hult was frightened by and attracted to President Lewis from the moment he saw him, often dreaming if his hands would deliver punishment or pleasure… or both. Hult seeks out President Skye for forgiveness and a fresh start, but the older man knows a lesson must be learned. Hult is trying to be better, but taking a shower with Elder Call is just too tempting. The boys have been tasked with pleasing President Skye, a job they eagerly and happily perform, and to perfection.
Studio: Missionary Boyz

Title: Sweet Dreams Cum True
Added On: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sweet Dreams Cum True
Nothing but wall to wall gorgeousness here with these fine male specimens touching and kissing each other with a wanting that belies their young age. Whether it's two young footballers whose ball skills are second to none and who are hoping to score more than just a goal, or two handsome lovers who spice up their sex life by inviting the sexy, young neighbor round and who ends up getting not only roasted, but double dipped as well – totally bare. If you want it bad enough Sweat Dreams Cum True, they really do!
Studio: Naked Beauty

Title: Yah-Jil's Bitch Boys
Added On: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Yah-Jil's Bitch Boys
Who doesn't love a rough looking, spit launching, dominant Spanish guy? We'll this kinky gay XXX download is for those who love just that, 99 minutes of pure Yah-Jil, being himself with some of his slutty pigs! In the first part we see Yah-Jil using the cute Japanese Yoshi Kawasaki, throat fucking, feet licking, and more before the anal abuse gets stared, and boy is this something you can't miss! And for the second part Yah-Jil makes use of David's mouth to please himself before proceeding to giving the boy a good thrash! Tied down to a chair David gets to feel what disobeying his master brings, whipping, anguish, trampling, rough sex, wax, clamps, and more!
Director: Timmy Treasure