New Gay Porn Releases

Title: Truly Gay
Added On: Friday, January 24, 2020

Truly Gay
Can you be a little bit gay? We don't think so, but we do know that the nine hot guys here are 100% Truly Gay. There's no mistaking that fact when you see them kiss their lovers passionately then drop to their knees and swallow a fat cock with gusto. From the office to the bar next door, these men are wanton and lustful when it comes to another gorgeous guy who wants them as much as they do and they don't need a bed to get down and dirty and indulge in a serious fuck session.
Studio: Macho Mayhem

Title: Timberwolves 2: Blood Moon
Added On: Friday, January 24, 2020

Timberwolves 2: Blood Moon
Sexual animals with primal inhibitions still walk among us in “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2,” a supernatural sequel to the wildly successful Timberwolves from 2013. The stakes are higher and the sex is hotter as furry studs tear into each other in a rapacious and raw fuck-fest. Wolf brothers Drake Masters and Sharok are living quietly among the mortals in this sleepy mountain town, but it’s Drake who can’t seem to control his primal impulses to feed, which threatens to expose the pack. “Blood Moon” picks up with Adam Ramzi returning and seeking answers to a friend's disappearance in the local woods just five years earlier. Sheriff Ricky Larkin finds him irresistible. Adam tells himself he’s looking for his missing friend, but as the case grows cold, he learns he's just being used for sweaty man sex. Unable to face the truth about his own actions, Adam has a huge fight with Ricky. Ricky seeks advice from his horse-hung besties Boomer Banks, Jake Morgan, and Logan Stevens, and leaves them to finish their thirsty game of flip-fuck strip poker. Adam stumbles into the woods under a “Blood Moon” and becomes prey for Drake’s uncontrollable appetite. Drake denies his crime to his brother, Sharok, who turns to Alex Mecum’s massive cock for comfort. Meanwhile, the rift between wolf brothers and the locals rips wide open when they find Adam’s ravaged body. Violence gets out of hand and Drake must reveal his true wolf nature to help his brother escape. Drake and a wounded Sharok race through the badlands, where Drake blows married straight dude Brian Bonds for gas money. Desperate and lost, Drake wanders the desert where he meets lone wolf, Drew Sebastian who teaches him how to own his true nature and survive; Drake thanks him by riding his ten-inch dick. Back home, Deputy Riley Mitchel gets his beefy ass impaled by Sheriff Ricky. Alight with the fury of vengeance, Drake returns home to reckon with his tormentors. “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2” will leave you howling for more.
Series: Timberwolves
Director: Steve Cruz

Title: Austin Wilde's Vers Boys Have More Fun
Added On: Friday, January 24, 2020

Austin Wilde's Vers Boys Have More Fun
Mateo is back again! This time he's fucking and getting fucked by muscle jock, Brandon Evans! Even though this was the first day of our pride weekend here in San Diego, Mateo was horny and asking to get fucked, and who are we to deny him of that? Mateo is ravenous when it comes to a nice cock or ass, and Brandon has both. He dove into Brandon's ass to get it nice and ready to fuck. But it didn't take long until Mateo was face down, ass up on the bed with Brandon holding him down like his prey and plowing his beautiful bubble butt. The waves Mateo's ass makes and the sound of it getting fucked are enough to get you off! Brandon is a total bro jock but loves getting fucked when he comes, so Mateo did just that as he blew his own load all over Brandon at the same time! There's no quicker way to get boys naked than to take them to a nude beach and tell them it's a requirement. Luckily, it took no convincing. After Jaime's solo, we wanted to have him back to fuck our newest model, the super cute Mateo. From the ride from the airport until jumping in bed together, these two were all about each other. So, we literally just turned on the camera and let them devour each other's bodies, asses, and cocks. Mateo has a nice bubble butt that Jaime ate like his last meal before pinning him down, mounting him, and sliding his cock in to fuck him crazy. I heard these two had been chatting on social media about hooking up. So, when I found out Orson was traveling to the States from London I knew we had to make it happen. All the sexual tension they built up after weeks of sexting was too much because Miller showed up to Orson's hotel, and they were in bed ripping each other's clothes off within minutes. They licked and suck every inch of each other before they flip fucked each other all over the bed.
Director: Austin Wilde

Title: Greg
Added On: Friday, January 24, 2020

Greg and I must have been emailing for months before he finally decided to take the leap and do his first porn shoot. It wasn't that he was shy about exposing his body. He admits that when he's home alone, he's usually naked anyway. It wasn't until he and his wife got divorced that he thought the time was right. When he showed up, Greg was nonchalant as his clothes started coming off. He hadn't told anyone about coming in, but said that they wouldn't be too overly surprised that he was showing off his dick for the world to see. "I've always been a little more 'out there' than my friends," he laughed. Greg played pretty much all of the typical sports growing up: football, baseball, basketball. Baseball was his fave. I couldn't help but imagine his thick body in any one of those uniforms. When the lights and cameras were pointed at him, Greg took a minute to get into his groove. But he quickly found it. His furry butt bent over is a sight to see. When it came time to get the "official measurement" on his cock, he wanted to make sure it was fully fluffed. Greg hadn't jerked off for a couple days before the shoot. It had just randomly coincided with his debut, but it definitely paid off. The load he blew was super thick and pulsed from his cock, leaving his pubes and the couch coated in cum.

Title: Running Butthole Challenge
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Running Butthole Challenge
When Pierce Paris shows Joey Mills the Running Butthole Challenge, Joey puts on a big show of being disinterested. However, when Pierce checks in on him later the sexy brown-haired twink is getting ready to make his own movie for it! Pierce sees an opportunity and sneaks into Joey's room, setting himself up underneath Joey's phone so that when Joey attempts the challenge he ends up with Pierce's rock hard cock up his ass. Johnny Rapid has decided that he's going to take part in the Running Butthole Challenge, even if it means causing a hell of a ruckus in his hotel room as he repeatedly tries and fails to get the angle right. Cassidy Clyde in the room next door is trying to get some business done, but Johnny's crashing and cussing is driving him up the wall. Cassidy goes to Johnny's room to see what's causing the commotion and finds the aspiring acrobat wedged between his bed and the wall. The running butthole challenge has claimed yet another sweet hole as Pierce Paris finds himself having to explain to his very handsome doctor, Scott DeMarco, how he got his phone stuck up there. After a short struggle, Scott was able to dislodge the now ringing phone from Pierce's hole. As Pierce rushes to answer it, he starts teasing Scott with his perfectly round ass dangling in the air.
Studio: Men

Title: The Bear Den
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Bear Den
In the Bear Den, Julian Torres and Jack Dyer are having a conversation about what it's like being part of the bear community. They then turn their attention to each other and start exploring each other's hairy beefy bodies. Jack soon has Julian's beautiful hairy uncut cock in his mouth. Hunter Scott and Brad Kalvo are two big top bears but that doesn't mean they can't have fun. These two pet and rub their big bellies while kissing and stroking their dicks. AJ Marshall and Jake Marshall are both hot daddy muscle bears and they have brought muscle cub Jaxx Thanatos back to their bedroom for some hot fun. They start by exploring each other's bodies and taking in the scent of each other as their clothes come off. Julian Torres and Michael Roman are lying in bed wearing matching shorts and cuddling with each other. Julian is questioning Michael as to why he shaved off his body fur. He tells him because it is summer and he has been hot, plus the work he has been doing at the gym he wants to see his definition.
Studio: Pride Studios
Director: Gio Caruso

Title: Fisting Spa
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fisting Spa
At the ‘Fisting Spa’, an exclusive club dedicated to stretched holes and rosebuds, you’ll find tons of hot face down, ass up and ready to be busted deep. Tag along with award-winning director Tom Moore and a talented cast of piggy fist-fuckers and riders. Drew Dixon spots Ashley Ryder lounging in the spa and joins him to test out the limits of how far he can destroy Ashley’s experienced hole. When it’s Drew’s turn to get turned inside out, he rides Ashley Ryder’s cock and fist until he dumps his load. When Devin Franco catches a glimpse of Josh Mikael in the spa, he tests this hairy hunks limits on his hole until Josh’s balls are drained all over Devin’s arm. Returning the favor, Josh Mikael puts Devin Franco’s hole to the test, leaving him a stretched, sticky mess. Drew Dixon walks up on Ashley Ryder and Josh Mikael having some fun and decides to bend the studs over and fist-fuck their holes. When it’s Drew’s turn, Ashley and Josh take it to the absolute max leaving Drew’s hole busted, a load in his mouth, and his own cum all over his heaving abs. Head down to the ‘Fisting Spa, wrap your fist around your cock and bare your hole for total satisfaction.
Director: Tom Moore

Title: Tasty Twink Treats 2
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tasty Twink Treats 2
If variety is the spice of life, then twinks are the tasty treats we snack on between meals. Timber Harvest, Lukas Stone, Noah Pierce, Taylor Mason, Justin Cross, Payton Connor, Bar Addison, Daniel Hausser, and Jackson Wright are sweet and savory and range from the most innocent of morsels to a buffet of cock and jizz. These succulent, horny young men deliver mouth-watering, cock-rousing bareback action that will have you glazed in cum because they are... Tasty Twink Treats 2!

Title: Fuck Me Anywhere
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fuck Me Anywhere
In this week’s new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, we join Robin Moore and Colby Chambers in the middle of a dilemma, or rather the end of one. The boys have been driving around looking for a place to fuck for what seems like the entire afternoon, but Colby knows a place. Colby and Robin are just pulling into Colby's secret fuck spot and Robin Moore expresses a little bit of doubt. Colby Chambers is confident enough to push them both over. They unload and open up the back. Robin Moore had been licking his lips staring at Colby's bulge while they cruised around, so he goes straight to sucking Colby's big thick cock. Once Colby is beyond worked up, he gets Robin bent over the tail end of the car and starts working his soft plump ass over with his dick. Finally, he thrusts it into the blonde bareback, both boys moaning in pleasurable victory. Colby Chambers proceeds to thrust pump and otherwise obliterate Robin’s thick butt with his big wet cock. The two go at each other in a number of positions the rest of the afternoon until they finally let those loads fly. After building them all afternoon, it was very visibly satisfying to finally let them go.
Studio: Colby Knox
Director: Colby Knox

Title: Spreading The Family Seed
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Spreading The Family Seed
Luke Harrington is just one more guy walking around with Daddy Will's DNA inside of him.