New Fetish Gay Porn Releases

Title: Flip The Switch
Added On: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Flip The Switch
Mickey has never shot BDSM themed porn before so this is going to be an exciting experience for us all. Mickey by far has a long trajectory, but anyone's first time doing something is worth a special mention. Starting off he submits to Yah-Jil, our Spanish master who doesn't think twice about wrapping the boy to the chair before going hard on the boy with the whip. Not everything is going to be hurtful, except the electro perhaps, as Yah-Jil uses a masturbator on the boy to get him to cum before fucking the boys opened ass. Mickey mentioned he too want's to dominate a boy, and that is exactly what happens in the second scene where he's paired with Liam Stone, Staxus' exclusive twink, The boy receives a hard flogging, before getting his brains fucked out by Mickey.
Director: Timmy Treasure

Title: Perverted Summer House
Added On: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Perverted Summer House
Ultra-hot twinks in bareback, fisting and fetish action! Who would not love to spend some of their summer holiday in a villa in Spain surrounded by the hottest twinks around? The first master to Arrive is Silas who does not take long to get into his role and have two boys worshiping his cock, but there is no pleasure without work. Silas knows that these boys have been astray for too long, so out comes the rope and whip, to put these boys back where they belong before abusing their asses. Of course, in this house the language barrier is going to be an issue, but for Ron, who will be giving simple commands like down, suck and moaning, his boy will understand. The understanding is such, that Ron finds out that this boy can take a fist without any hesitation, and of course that he'll have to put that to the test!
Director: Timmy Treasure

Title: Spanking 69
Added On: Saturday, June 13, 2020

Spanking 69
Omer Turkan is a very hot guy. He has a beautiful ass as we see when, blndfolded,gagged and shackled, he kneels on the bed. His tormentor starts to feel that sexy ass, spreading the cheeks to really show the hairy hole. The hands start to spank on those hot ass cheeks making Omer moan loudly. His jockstrap is wedged up into that hot ass crack as the heavy hands spank on those sexy cheeks. Omer's moaning continues as a crop is used on that hot ass too. Then oil is dripped onto his sexy ass and a toy is rubbed up and down his ass crack. The blindfold is off as the toy pushes against Omer's tight hole. He bites on his gag as the toy fucks into his hot, hairy, hole. Zoran Jakotyc is a very hot guy. In this spanking scene he is shackled and blindfolded as he lays on the bed wearing only his underwear. He pulls on his shackles as his tormentor arrives and gropes the underwear. The hands gag a moaning Zoran and slap his chest and pull on his nipples. He writhes and pulls against his ties as he feels the hands all over his body. Zoran's nipples are pulled hard and his chest is slapped. As the chest is slapped Zoran's underwear is groped hard too. His pit hair is yanked as well as he moans loudly. The underwear is pulled down to release Zoran's cock and balls. His pubic hair is pulled and then his cock and balls are groped. The heavy hands slap on his torso and his cock and balls are pulled.
Studio: William Higgins
Series: Spanking
Director: William Higgins

Title: Black Muscle Devin Trez Disciplines New Dog Tony Orlando With Intense Bondage
Added On: Thursday, June 4, 2020

Black Muscle Devin Trez Disciplines New Dog Tony Orlando With Intense Bondage
Leather dom Devin Trez is ready to train a new dog in his dungeon. Fully restrained and wearing a leather puppy mask, Tony is made to endure a brutal corporal punishment and humiliation by his master. Restrained and inverted on a leather wheel, Tony cums on his own face, before his master delivers a brutal fucking.
Series: Bound Gods
Director: Sebastian Keys

Title: The First Pain
Added On: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The First Pain
There's always a first time for everything, for these boys it's not going to be comfortable! Starting off with Liam Stone and Yah-Jil, who firstly ties the boy up before commencing the torment! Yah-Jil spanks the boy and now and then rims the boy's hole to ease the ache, but it's not all over yet! After a brutal fuck, Liam is moved over to a medical-style bed, where the torment continues, his cock and balls are placed in a vice, however, Yah-Jil wants to ease the ache for the boy, so he sucks and jerks the boy's cock! Moving on to the second scene, Noah gets a fierce torment by Titus, After being fucked, and Titus pleased, Noah is put into a hole in the wall, bound, and he has his hole played with by different toys! But it'd seem Noah is enjoying himself, which, isn't allowed! So Titus ties up the boy, puts some pegs on his body, and then whips them off! With the torment over, Titus now places Noah on a table, tied down, and jerks the boy till he bursts!
Director: Timmy Treasure

Title: Heavy Handed: Blake Hunter Flogged, Fucked And Fisted By Arad Winwin
Added On: Monday, June 1, 2020

Heavy Handed: Blake Hunter Flogged, Fucked And Fisted By Arad Winwin
Blake Hunter's a big, thick stack of muscle who likes to get his ass played with. Good thing hugely ripped Arad Winwin's around to give him a complete work over. Arad flogs him, crops him, fucks him and fists him. Ultimately, using this big stack of muscle brings Arad to the edge, so he shoots his hot cumload all over Blake's face and gagged, open mouth.
Series: Bound Gods
Director: Sebastian Keys

Title: Arad Winwin Breaks In A New Slave
Added On: Thursday, May 28, 2020

Arad Winwin Breaks In A New Slave
Ricky Daniels is new to kink and serving at the whim of leather god Arad Winwin. Ricky worships Arad's leather and gets paddled, cropped, and fucked before Arad commands him to blow his load.
Series: Bound Gods
Director: Sebastian Keys

Title: Dallas Steele Serves And Obeys Michael Roman
Added On: Monday, May 25, 2020

Dallas Steele Serves And Obeys Michael Roman
Dallas Steele tucks his tail in the presence of Master Michael Roman. Dallas gets tied up with rope, gagged, flogged, fucked, and anally electrified.
Series: Bound Gods
Director: Sebastian Keys

Title: Helplessly Exposed
Added On: Saturday, May 23, 2020

Helplessly Exposed
It’s easy to imagine that cute little twinks are as innocent as new-born lambs, but don’t you ever believe it. In fact, if this uber-horny collection of mega-time whores are anything to go by then they’re possibly even sluttier than their older counterparts. Blame the deluge of porn they’ve been watching, but these doe-eyed lads like it rough and they like it hard; and if anything the sunshine only seems to make their appetite for cock in their ass even greater. From anonymous sex to being bound up in bondage with your nipples clamped, this bevy of beauts aren’t happy until they’ve been used to the point of humiliation; with a hot creamy wad every time to underline their sweet contentment!

Title: Hiker Tony Prower Held Captive By Soldier Riley Mitchell
Added On: Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hiker Tony Prower Held Captive By Soldier Riley Mitchell
Tony is at the mercy of Riley Mitchell. Riley doesn't believe Tony was simply out for a hike and will use whatever means necessary to get Tony to talk.
Series: Bound Gods
Director: Sebastian Keys