New Euro Gay Porn Releases

Title: Truly Gay
Added On: Friday, January 24, 2020

Truly Gay
Can you be a little bit gay? We don't think so, but we do know that the nine hot guys here are 100% Truly Gay. There's no mistaking that fact when you see them kiss their lovers passionately then drop to their knees and swallow a fat cock with gusto. From the office to the bar next door, these men are wanton and lustful when it comes to another gorgeous guy who wants them as much as they do and they don't need a bed to get down and dirty and indulge in a serious fuck session.
Studio: Macho Mayhem

Title: Fuck Me Anywhere
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fuck Me Anywhere
In this week’s new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, we join Robin Moore and Colby Chambers in the middle of a dilemma, or rather the end of one. The boys have been driving around looking for a place to fuck for what seems like the entire afternoon, but Colby knows a place. Colby and Robin are just pulling into Colby's secret fuck spot and Robin Moore expresses a little bit of doubt. Colby Chambers is confident enough to push them both over. They unload and open up the back. Robin Moore had been licking his lips staring at Colby's bulge while they cruised around, so he goes straight to sucking Colby's big thick cock. Once Colby is beyond worked up, he gets Robin bent over the tail end of the car and starts working his soft plump ass over with his dick. Finally, he thrusts it into the blonde bareback, both boys moaning in pleasurable victory. Colby Chambers proceeds to thrust pump and otherwise obliterate Robin’s thick butt with his big wet cock. The two go at each other in a number of positions the rest of the afternoon until they finally let those loads fly. After building them all afternoon, it was very visibly satisfying to finally let them go.
Studio: Colby Knox
Director: Colby Knox

Title: No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 62
Added On: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 62
Hot str8 guys Dan Holan and Oliver Hruby are paired in a wrestling match. They start off with some stretching exercises to warm up, dressed in just their underwear. Then they start the match. They are soon trying to pull off each other's underwear and quickly succeed in doing so. Then as they wrestle it is Dan who scores the first point. Dan continues his winning ways and runs out the victor. Then the guys settle down for a wank off. With cocks hard they are persuaded to wank each other for a short time. Then Oliver, as the loser, has to suck Dan's dick. Filip Onalek and Milos Ovcacek are paired in a submission wrestling match. They start off with some stretching to get themselves warmed up and then the match begins. They are quickly grabbing at each other's underwear, pulling it off so that they are both naked. Then Filip gets a good hold to for the first submission. Milos is quick to even the score and then moves into a lead with another point. He spanks on Filip's ass at any opportunity as well. They take a break to oil each other all over and then resume the match with bodies glistening. Milios keeps up his underhand methods and moves into a big lead, running out the eventual winner 10 - 4. Then they settle down for a wank-off. Cute straight guys Franta Tucny and Dan Holan are matched together in submission wrestling. They start off, wearing only their underwear as they do some warming up stretches. Then they start to wrestle and quickly set about trying to rip the underwear off each other. That results in both being naked as they roll over the mats trying to gain a good hold. Cocks and asses are shown beautifully as each guy works to gain a submission on the other. Points are shared as each tries so hard to gain a big advantage. As Dan begins to build a lead they take a break to oil each other all over. Then it is on with the match. Dan is quick to complete a victory and they settle down for a wank off.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Beddable Boys
Added On: Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Beddable Boys
Some boys you want to take straight to bed after meeting them. This video shows how the Staxus boys get into action! Starting with Rodion and Rick on a hot summer day, with Rodion pouring water all over his naked torso as the glass misses his mouth in a very sensual way, leading to Rick's ass penetrated by Rodions meaty rod! In the second scene you see Peter in a more relaxed setting, where he hooks up with Alex and shows us just how he likes to fuck! Navon has a romantic time with Tyler ending in a gaped hole and cum oozing from within! Leaving quite possibly the best 'til the end. Denis Skala is back! And boy, Adam Veller was quick to get himself around Denis' cock!
Studio: Staxus
Director: John Smith

Title: Big Dick Ass Stretching 2
Added On: Friday, January 17, 2020

Big Dick Ass Stretching 2
Tony is busy watching some gay porn and wishing he could fuck some tight man ass. When David comes into the picture he makes Tony’s fantasy come true. Marti doesn’t understand his homework and is having a hard time. Benjamin knows how to handle hard situations and offers to lend him a helping hand, an offer that Marti can’t refuse. Tomm is working out with some dumbbells while Marek massages his rock hard biceps. He starts massaging his chest and abs, and before he knows it he is grabbing at Tomm’s hard cock. While taking in the sun John asks Max if he can oil him up because his skin is getting dry. Max starts at the top and goes lower and lower till he finds something hard at the bottom.
Director: KK

Title: Hot Ass 32
Added On: Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hot Ass 32
Our sexy Petr Ujen is enjoying a hot wank as he leans back on the sofa. His dick is rock hard and he takes off his underwear and raises his legs to show off his hot hole. He pulls on the ass cheeks to show the hole and then probes it with a finger, shoving it deep inside. He pulls on his ass and fingers that hole, rubbing the finger all over the ass lips too. A helping hand arrives and drips oil onto Petr's tight hole. The oil is rubbed over that hole and soon two fingers slip inside. They go in easily and pull out to be shoved in again. The fingers fuck Petr's hole deep and hard, as he holds his legs up. Simon Holen is a very handsome str8 guy. He looks so good as he lays on the bed with his cock hard poking out of his underwear as he wanks it. The foreskin is pulled back and forth over the big cock head as he wanks. A helping hand arrives and begins to feel Simon's hot body and pulls the underwear down off his balls. The hands take hold of that rock hard cock as Simon runs his hands over his own sexy chest. Oil is rubbed over the big cock head and the hand starts wanking. Ivan Gula is a very sexy guy. We find him groping in his underwear and rubbing his sexy chest. He pulls his cock out of his underwear and starts to wank it. That hard dick looks so good as he wanks. A helping hand arrives and begins to feel Ivan's body, taking hold of the cock too. The balls are pulled out as the hands wank on the cock. Then oil is dripped onto the cock too and rubbed over the head. That cock gets so hard as it is wanked.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Kris' Angels
Added On: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Kris' Angels
Muscle god Kris Evans and the twinks he loves.
Studio: Bel Ami
Director: Luke Hamill

Title: Summer Gape
Added On: Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Summer Gape
Summer may be over, but that's not a reason for Staxus not to release another summer vibed, sex fuelled, cum covered movie now! It goes without saying that the Staxus boys are the hottest around, and with the summer feel it just adds more fuel to the fire. With Adam Veller and Alan Colter in the first, and very hot, bondage styled scene where Adam is Alan's toy using him just to please himself, and Adam of course. For the second escapade sexy Spanish twink Jake Stark has a rather opening time, as he rides every inch of Nick's long schlong! Denis and Adrian in the third scene, inspired by the Czech countryside shows the manliness of these boys, as Denis collects wood (no pun intended) with Adrian watching him and getting turned on by his hot wood chopping friend. And finally the skinny, well endowed twink Joel Tamir shows newbie Steve the ropes, or should I say his dick? Steve is eager to make a lasting impression on Joel, and he sure does. The ass pounding, cock flopping, cum oozing scene is one not to miss.
Studio: Staxus Raw
Director: John Smith

Title: Bareback 37
Added On: Saturday, January 4, 2020

Bareback 37
Hot str8 guys Peter Uman and Vadim Covrescu enjoy some great sex, starting when Vadim lies over Peter and begins to kiss him. Their hands begin to explore each other as they kiss. Vadim pulls up Peter's tee shirt and kisses his chest. Then he opens Peter's pants too. That releases Peter's growing cock which Vadim takes into his mouth. He sucks and licks on the, now, rock hard dick. Peter pushes Vadim's head down on that big cock. Then he begins to thrust his dick up into the eager mouth. After enjoying having his dick sucked Peter wants to return the favor. He kisses Vadim 's chest and then moves down to suck on his cock. Peter takes the entire dick into his mouth as he sucks. He gets fully naked and returns to sucking on Vadim's cock. Then Peter kneels and slides his dick back into Vadim's mouth for more sucking. Vadim wanks himself as he sucks on Peter's huge cock. Peter sits and Vadim climbs up and slides his ass down on that big cock. This is a wonderful dream set suggested by Kris. It features two of the sexiest str8 guys Nikol Monak and Laco Meido. Nikol is on the phone as he waits for Laco to arrive for a training session. Laco arrives and is told to do some stretching exercises while Nikol goes off to finish his call. Laco starts stretching but is soon distracted as he looks into Nikol's bag and extracts some underwear. He starts to grope himself as he sniffs the underwear, keeping an eye out for Nikol's return. Pushing his pants down Laco rubs his ass and wanks his dick as he sniffs the underwear. Leo Lombar and Martin Hovor, are two very hot and handsome str8 guys. In this scene Leo arrives and sits on the sofa, after coming back from the gym. Martin comes in and sits next to him. He begins to feel Leo's biceps as they are flexed and then the two of them start to kiss. Leo's tee shirt is pulled off, and then Martin's is too. Leo pushes down his jeans to release his stiffening cock which Martin takes in his mouth and sucks.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Boy Scouting Fuckers
Added On: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Boy Scouting Fuckers
The boy scouts, where good citizenship, outdoor sills, and camping happen. It’s the ideal place to find some sexy guys who are bound to be into each other. As is the case of Jamie Jackson, in his first ever scene. Helped by Adrian Bennet who shows him all the ropes and how to climb rank by doing favors to the superiors. Nick Fox is also making his debut as a scout and also wants to impress his partner by showing him how quickly he can make an ass gape! Needless to say that this is an opening experience for both lads! In the third scene we have Jake Stark who meets up with a fellow scout to enjoy the pleasures of nature and Ray, naturally gets a face load of cum! Last but not least, Jamie who's sad to be leaving the scouts till next year wants to give a final fuck to one of his partners before saying the final goodbye, and who better than Jake Stark to get every last droplet of cum!
Studio: Staxus Raw
Director: John Smith