New Euro Gay Porn Releases

Title: Nut Busters
Added On: Friday, July 3, 2020

Nut Busters
They should be chasing after the chicks, but these hot and horny twinks have discovered something way more exciting to fill the time, chasing after each other! In fact, whilst they may look like they’ve barely left school, these cock-hungry sluts definitely show an experienced streak as they dive into each other’s pants to feast on every solid, aching inch of dick that they find there. Whether they’re enjoying a threesome in their uniforms or gobbling each other off in the farmyard, the likes of Aaron Aurora and Maxx McKenzi don’t hold back for a second; giving and taking with the kind of gusto that we know you love, and delivering blast after sticky blast of pent-up teen-goo each and every time!
Studio: Twink Cocks

Title: Anonymous Outdoor Bareback Fucking
Added On: Friday, July 3, 2020

Anonymous Outdoor Bareback Fucking
Three young British lads go crazy, fucking raw with strangers.
Studio: Hung Young Brit

Title: Good Boy
Added On: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Good Boy
Good boy? Don’t make us laugh. There’s nothing good about these dirty fuckers, whose only desire is to be as kinky as fuck and give you the kind of good old-fashioned thrill that will guarantee you a sticky blast-off like never before. Dillon Buck, Sam Bishop, and Robbie Rivers are just three of the horned-up studs who literally can’t wait to get out of their pants to enjoy the cascade of hard, meaty flesh on offer; making the most of the opportunity to don their leathers and savor some hot, filthy fun together. What’s more, if cock isn’t enough, then there’s also plenty of mammoth toys to scratch the itch! All of which is guaranteed to provide you with more than enough ammunition to secure a ball-draining blast of your own!
Studio: Raging Bulls

Title: After Hours
Added On: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

After Hours
Staxus presents their latest video release After Hours, where some of the cutest euro twinks hook up after a long night out! Starting off with one for the food porn lovers out there, Casper Randall and Tyler Scott meet up in a café where they enjoy the waffles in a seductive manner. After getting into the mood by licking some cream and getting comfortable in the café, these two boys make out, and end up with a very creamed dessert which they both enjoy! But these two boys aren't the only ones to discover how much fun it can be to do something in a café. Joel Tamir gets his eyes on a cute twink, Sasha, leaving his number on the bathroom mirror for Sasha to find. Needless to say, these two meet up and have fun! Who knew that at a café you could get cute twinks to cream you at home? But that's not all, as David Hollister brings home Johny, a cute twink that unfortunately falls asleep waiting for David to make coffee! But David won't miss the opportunity, and gets into bed with him and wakes him up by kissing and licking every inch of the boys body before riding it like he never has before! But whoever said After Hours is for those coming back from a night out is completely wrong. Rodion has a date with Jim, but these two naughty boys have something else in mind when meeting at the café. After getting almost kicked out by the waiter who want's to close, they hide in the bathroom and their fun begins whilst waiting for the waiter to leave, only to fuck in the middle of the café where they were enjoying their pancake just moments before! There's no need to say that this isn't a sweet one which we're sure you'll enjoy!
Studio: Staxus
Director: John Smith

Title: Sicilian Boys
Added On: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Sicilian Boys
Introducing 7 Sicilian jocks. Filmed on location in Catania and Palermo (Italy).
Director: Ettore Tosi

Title: Daddy's Boy Whore 6
Added On: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Daddy's Boy Whore 6
You are a married man and love your wife. You never look at other guys, but there is something about your stepson, isn't there? Something that makes you look. You drink in his innocence, and wonder, is he still a virgin? That's because your cock stiffened as he licked his puffy red lips, lips you suddenly long to kiss. Maybe you got hard when he bent over to pick up something off the floor. Now, your mouth waters when you look at his ass in those tight jeans. Your cock plumps up, and you ooze pre-cum when he looks at you and smiles coyly. You don't even want your wife anymore. You can't think of anything except climbing into your son's bed to deflower him, spoil him for any other man. You must fuck him, seed him. Let him know that, although other men might come after you, he will always be, Daddy’s Boy Whore.
Studio: Bring Me A Boy

Title: Train Hard To Fuck Hard
Added On: Monday, June 29, 2020

Train Hard To Fuck Hard
You need to be at the peak of your game to be a top-notch porn-star, and what’s the best way to achieve that? Yes, that’s right, making sure you have sex, and plenty of it! Which is the perfect excuse for this gorgeous bunch of horny sluts to make the most of each and every opportunity to get their cocks out with each other to enjoy some of the hottest action you’re ever likely to see. Jay Renfro, Sven Laarson, and George Plozen lead an all-star cast of on-screen wannabes, who think nothing of sucking dick and taking cock up the arse like the complete and total whores they were clearly born to be. All totally bareback, and topped off with spurt after generous spurt of hot jizz for the final showdown!

Title: Cock Out In The First Round
Added On: Saturday, June 27, 2020

Cock Out In The First Round
Blond boy-wonder, Rob Nielsen, and the ultimate twink cock-slut, Lucas Drake, set the scene perfectly for this spunk-inducing youth-fest that will appeal to anyone who likes their porn-stars to look barely-legal and to act like long-time pros. No doubt about it, these angelic beauts know exactly what they want in the bedroom department; homing in on cock like total whores and firing into raw ass like Exocet missiles! The result is the kind of cum-drenched wank-fest that will have you jerking like crazy from beginning to end; as some of the hottest, cutest boys Czechia has to offer give it their all and more for a fist full of readies. Culminating in a plethora of boy-juice that leaves balls drained and wallets re-stashed!
Studio: Naked Beauty

Title: Hood Sucker
Added On: Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hood Sucker
Is there anything hotter than getting down on your knees so that you can worship some handsome hunk and his equally gorgeous uncut shaft? Certainly these guys don’t seem to think so, as they wallow in the sweet, sweaty confines of real men’s crotches to enjoy the contents of those most intimate quarters. Believe us, you’re gonna be in seventh heaven as the likes of Nicolas Key and Sky James pay homage to the Christian Mitchell and the tattooed wonder, Billy Essex; slurping on every throbbing inch like their lives depended on it. And with a bit of horny arse-play thrown into the mix, there’s absolutely no doubt that the glorious on-screen spunk-fest will be matched by a spunk-fest all of your own!
Studio: Macho Mayhem

Title: Jocks In Charge 4
Added On: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jocks In Charge 4
The boy with the bigger muscles runs the show!
Studio: BoyFun
Series: Jocks In Charge