New Euro Gay Porn Releases

Title: Sweet Dreams Cum True
Added On: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sweet Dreams Cum True
Nothing but wall to wall gorgeousness here with these fine male specimens touching and kissing each other with a wanting that belies their young age. Whether it's two young footballers whose ball skills are second to none and who are hoping to score more than just a goal, or two handsome lovers who spice up their sex life by inviting the sexy, young neighbor round and who ends up getting not only roasted, but double dipped as well – totally bare. If you want it bad enough Sweat Dreams Cum True, they really do!
Studio: Naked Beauty

Title: Yah-Jil's Bitch Boys
Added On: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Yah-Jil's Bitch Boys
Who doesn't love a rough looking, spit launching, dominant Spanish guy? We'll this kinky gay XXX download is for those who love just that, 99 minutes of pure Yah-Jil, being himself with some of his slutty pigs! In the first part we see Yah-Jil using the cute Japanese Yoshi Kawasaki, throat fucking, feet licking, and more before the anal abuse gets stared, and boy is this something you can't miss! And for the second part Yah-Jil makes use of David's mouth to please himself before proceeding to giving the boy a good thrash! Tied down to a chair David gets to feel what disobeying his master brings, whipping, anguish, trampling, rough sex, wax, clamps, and more!
Director: Timmy Treasure

Title: Wank Parties Plus From Prague 44
Added On: Sunday, November 10, 2019

Wank Parties Plus From Prague 44
We have a great line-up of guys in this Wank Party. Igor Zobor, Igor Uganec, Ivanek Ukara, and Linor Boucek. In this first part we find Ivanek and Libor on the bed looking at photos of guys on the phone. They decide to invite a couple of guys over and then Libor starts to kiss Ivanek and he begins to undress him too. Kissing on his chest and pulling the pants down Libor sucks on Ivanek's quickly growing dick. This Wank Party has a great cast. Igor Uganec, Libor Boucek, Ivanek Ukara, and Igor Zobor. In part two we join them as Igor sucks Igor while Ivanek and Libor are laying on the bed next to each other. Then Igor U kisses Ivanek while Igor Z kisses Libor. This Wank Party scene stars Franta Beko, Peto Mohac, Martin Hovor, and Vadim Covrescu. In part one Martin is working at the punch bag as Peto exercises his biceps with dumbbells. They stop exercising to welcome Vadim and Franta. All thoughts of training are soon gone as they pair up and begin kissing. Franta kisses Martin and Vadim does the same with Peto as they kiss they grope each other too. Franta pulls down Martin's shorts and drops down to suck on the exposed cock. Wank Party 108 features Franta Beko, Martin Hovor, Peto Mohac, and Vadim Covrescu. In this second part we rejoin the action with Peto rimming Franta's hot hole. He laps at that hole and then stands to slide his stiff dick deep inside. Meanwhile Martin's cock is alredy fucking Vadim's eager hole.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Horny Boyfriend
Added On: Friday, November 8, 2019

Horny Boyfriend
Open minded couple wanted to meet up! These two hot real life boyfriends messaged me and wanted to film his cute cum pig BF being abused. We both ram our cocks in his beautiful gob and spit in his face (which he wasn't too impressed about actually). We then take turns on his arse and even DP him one! We are both so horny we both shoot our loads at the same time whilst pinning open his gob! This is very naughty and very piggish lol. There’s no way he’s leaving without me spunking my cum bareback in his arse for his BF to eat out later on so I spunk my load for a second time and fuck it in him! Very fucking horny boys! If you have the same fancies and wanna meet me or any of the lads then message us! I’m nervous at the start because these are actual BF's who messaged me wanting to meet so I’m finding my feet bit with them.
Studio: Hung Young Brit
Starring:Xavier Sibley

Title: Cock Feast
Added On: Sunday, November 3, 2019

Cock Feast
It's a Cockfeast of epic proportions as these guys gorge themselves on bare flesh, fat dicks and ripe asses. They are eager to get it on with a lust filled lover who is just as keen to fill their faces and asses. No twinks and definitely no vanilla here as intense kisses initiate the business at hand. Deep-throating, tea bagging and pinched asses getting probed by inquisitive fingers as these horndogs take it in turns to dominate the sexual proceedings and bareback riding.

Title: Bottomless Brit
Added On: Friday, November 1, 2019

Bottomless Brit
If you know Drew Dixon you know he’s an insatiable fisting bottom from the U.K. with a huge personality. And if you don’t know him you’re obviously about to. I could honestly just listen to him talk all day because I think he’s funny as shit, but he’s such a hot fucking lay too. Last time he was in town we didn’t get a chance for me to punch his guts around, so naturally I had to make that happen this time around. And if fisting isn’t your thing, skip around on the vid, and keep your eyes out for some really hot behind the scenes footage I found from our first update, coming up soon!
Studio: Deviant Otter

Title: Alan Caine Is Into Twinks
Added On: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Alan Caine Is Into Twinks
Grinding with the Guest: Alan Caine & Jake Olsen Draining Caine's Cane: Alan Caine & Justin Stone Wait until he fucks you: Alan Caine & Casper Ivarsson Playing with Stepbro's Joystick: Alan Caine & Antony Carter
Studio: BoyFun

Title: Fantasy Bukkake
Added On: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Fantasy Bukkake
The busiest I've ever seen it, good luck counting the guys! Cum swopping with Aaron and other people's cum. To be honest, I was accidentally off my head! You can tell by the way I keep chatting shit. This green shorts wearing guy gets too horny watching us be filthy and rushs over to dump it right on us. Then a guy runs over and pumps it out over me too! There's way too much action to describe all of what goes on and this vid is extra long.
Studio: Hung Young Brit
Starring:Jacob Dunes

Title: Filthy Gentleboys
Added On: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Filthy Gentleboys
These Filthy Gentleboys aren't holding anything back as they slowly kiss and undress each other, and the blood pressure isn't the only thing that's rising as taut bodies are caressed and every inch of flesh explored. In the bedroom and in the lounge, these men are the perfect gentleboys as they take turns in pleasuring each other with tea-bagging, licking throbbing shafts, and spreading peachy ass cheeks to slide deep into a welcoming hole. Even two masked intruders are surprised at how co-operative their victim is, and all three guys end up having a fucking good time.
Studio: Twink Deluxe

Title: It Happened In Ibiza
Added On: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

It Happened In Ibiza
This summer everything changed. For Dani. For his best friend Hector. For their sons...
Director: Ettore Tosi