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Title: Wank Parties Plus From Prague 44
Added On: Sunday, November 10, 2019

Wank Parties Plus From Prague 44
We have a great line-up of guys in this Wank Party. Igor Zobor, Igor Uganec, Ivanek Ukara, and Linor Boucek. In this first part we find Ivanek and Libor on the bed looking at photos of guys on the phone. They decide to invite a couple of guys over and then Libor starts to kiss Ivanek and he begins to undress him too. Kissing on his chest and pulling the pants down Libor sucks on Ivanek's quickly growing dick. This Wank Party has a great cast. Igor Uganec, Libor Boucek, Ivanek Ukara, and Igor Zobor. In part two we join them as Igor sucks Igor while Ivanek and Libor are laying on the bed next to each other. Then Igor U kisses Ivanek while Igor Z kisses Libor. This Wank Party scene stars Franta Beko, Peto Mohac, Martin Hovor, and Vadim Covrescu. In part one Martin is working at the punch bag as Peto exercises his biceps with dumbbells. They stop exercising to welcome Vadim and Franta. All thoughts of training are soon gone as they pair up and begin kissing. Franta kisses Martin and Vadim does the same with Peto as they kiss they grope each other too. Franta pulls down Martin's shorts and drops down to suck on the exposed cock. Wank Party 108 features Franta Beko, Martin Hovor, Peto Mohac, and Vadim Covrescu. In this second part we rejoin the action with Peto rimming Franta's hot hole. He laps at that hole and then stands to slide his stiff dick deep inside. Meanwhile Martin's cock is alredy fucking Vadim's eager hole.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Fuck Feast 40
Added On: Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fuck Feast 40
Bradley Cook loves to peep at Martin Polnak when he is feeling horny. Opening the door he stands and feels his hot body and reaches into his bulging underwear as he looks through to see what Martin is doing. Then Bradley walks into the room, pulling out his big, hard, cock for Matin to suck. Two very sexy str8 guys, Kamil Banek and Adam Nezval, are enjoying a kick about in the garden. When they finish they walk into the barn and Kamil tells Adam he wants something more. He moves to him and they begin kissing and feeling each other. Kamil kisses Adam's chest and nipples and then gropes his shorts. Moving down he opens the shorts and they drop down to reveal Adam's hard cock. Franta Tucny and Tomas Salek are two very hot straight guys. They are on the bed kissing each other. As Franta lies on his back, Tomas helps him open his shirt. Then Tomas moves onto his knees and begins to suck on Franta's rock hard cock. He pulls Franta's jeans down and works his mouth on the big cock, taking time out for more kissing as well.
Studio: William Higgins
Series: Fuck Feast
Director: William Higgins

Title: Ambush Massage 66
Added On: Friday, October 11, 2019

Ambush Massage 66
Miro Dalek is a very handsome straight guy who came in for a massage. He looks great as he strips to his underwear and lies on the bed. The masseur arrives and gets right to work on Miro's back. The oily hands glide all over the back and shoulders and then down to Miro's ass, lowering the underwear in the process. Then that sexy ass is massaged, with the cheeks being parted to expose Miro's hot hole. As the hands work they rub over Miro's cock and balls too. Miro moves onto his knees, and the masseur reaches underneath to wank on the cock. Adam Egner is a very cute guy. He looks so good as he lies on the bed waiting for his massage. Petr Zuska is the masseur, and he soon gets to work oiling Adam’s sexy body and massaging the back and the shoulders. Petr’s hands work all over the back and down to Adam’s underwear. The hands slide into the underwear and onto Adam’s sexy ass. Then that downy-haired ass is bared and the hands can really work on it. Karel Polak is a very cute str8 guy who came in for a massage. He strips down to his underwear and lies on the bed to await the masseur. The masseur duly arrives and takes some oil to begin his work. The masseur’s hands run over Karel's back and then he straddles him to work on the back, up and down the spine. He works on the shoulders too. Working down the back the masseur pulls the underwear down a little so that he can massage Karel's sexy ass.Then hands rub and squeeze the soft ass cheeks, pulling them apart to show the tight hole.
Studio: William Higgins
Series: Ambush Massage
Director: William Higgins

Title: Czech Up 29
Added On: Saturday, October 5, 2019

Czech Up 29
Jan Nurad is doing the army Czech Ups today and Leo Lombar is due for his. Leo comes into Jan's office and looks so hot in his uniform. Jan tells him to strip to his waist so he can check his chest. He uses his stethoscope to listen to Leo's sexy chest and his abdomen. Then he feels Leo's sides with his hands before turning him around to listen to the back of the body too. He feels the lower back too. Then he tells Leo to remove his pants. Dr. Gerasim Spartak has a new patient, Filip Fialka. It seems that Filip has injured his groin in a soccer match. He opens his jeans so that Gerasim can exam him a little. Then Filip continues to strip down to his underwear. He lies on the table and Gerasim begins the feel his thighs. Gerasim massages the thighs as Filip's underwear seems to bulge. His cock is hard as Gerasim reaches to the underwear as he massages. Seeing the hard cock Gerasim takes hold of it an wanks it a little. Honza Bilek has to visit Dr. Ivanek Ukara for his driving license check up. First he has to answer a few questions then the doctor starts to check him over. Feeling his neck and checking his eyes goes well enough. Then Honza removes his tee shirt to have his chest listened to with the stethoscope. He then turns around and has his back checked too. Next he removes his pants and Ivanek feels his abdomen and his groin, letting his hands slip into the underwear. Reaching between Honza's legs, he checks inside the thighs too. He seems very interested in the bulge created as he adjusts Honza's underwear and soon pulls them down.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Cherry Busting 7
Added On: Sunday, September 29, 2019

Cherry Busting 7
Two great looking str8 guys serve up a wonderful Cherry Busting scene today. It is Ondra Gala who gets a cock in his ass for the very first time, from Kamil Banek. Ondra is sitting on the bed when Kamil joins him. They chat, with Kamil asking the questions trying to encourage Ondra to do something with him. Ondra does agree to some kissing and is soon going further as he removes his tee shirt. Kamil runs a hand over Ondra's chest as they kiss some more. Then Kamil removes his tee shirt too. They start to grope each other as well. Kamil's cock is rock hard in is jeans as Ondra's hand finds it. Karel Omanak’s cherry is getting busted today, by Martin Polnak. As they sit and chat they move closer together and begin kissing. Karel is bare-chested as they kiss. Martin’s tee shirt comes off too and he begins to open Karel’s jeans. With the jeans removed Martin pulls Karel’s stiff cock out of his underwear and begins to suck on it. Straight guy Filip Onalek gets his cherry busted deep and hard by another very hot straight guy Adam Nezval. They start off by sitting as Adam interviews Filip. Filip eventually agrees to try kissing a guy for the first time, and things quickly move on from there. He lies down as Adam kisses him and begins to rub his body. Adam kisses Filip's nipples and is soon opening his shorts to reach inside. He pulls out Filip's hardening cock and begins to suck on it.
Studio: William Higgins
Series: Cherry Busting
Director: William Higgins

Title: Hot Ass 30
Added On: Monday, September 23, 2019

Hot Ass 30
Our lovely straight cutie Petr Ugan looks so good as he lays on the sofa. A helping hand arrives and is soon massaging Petr, concentration on his sexy ass, pushing the underwear up the crack. The underwear is soon pulled down so the hands can get at the hole too. Sexy str8 guy Martin Pesek is laying on the bed, bare-chested, as he reaches into his shorts to grope himself. His hands feel that hot body and grope his cock. Then he is joined by a helping hand who quickly pulls down Martin's shorts. The cock is already quite hard as Martin grabs it and holds it as oil is dripped onto it. Oleg Hubert is such a handsome and very sexy straight guy. He looks so good as he sits and wanks his cock. Tucking the cock back into his underwear he raises his legs and bares his hairy ass. Oleg reaches for the ass and pulls on the cheeks to spread them well and show off his hot, hairy, hole. As he does so a helping hand arrives and soon drips oil onto Oleg's balls and rubs it down onto that sexy ass.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Summer Break 2
Added On: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Summer Break 2
When summer sizzles, the boys flock to the castle.
Studio: Bel Ami
Series: Summer Break
Director: Luke Hamill

Title: Spunk-Soaked Fuckers
Added On: Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Spunk-Soaked Fuckers
We all know that all the boys on Staxus have a great sex drive, so is not surprising that they quickly start to fuck when we put them together. Tyler Ross proves to us that he is a versatile boy, and Beno Eker doesn’t care if he fucks the boys one by one or several at a time. The 69 position, rimming, ‘sweet’ preliminaries, and even a threesome is served in this video charged of eroticism. And our boys can only finally end spunk-soaked, of course!
Studio: Staxus
Director: John Smith

Title: The Best Of Tomas Salek
Added On: Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Best Of Tomas Salek
Tomas Salek, the most handsome and sexy of str8 guys gets his cherry busted by another hot str8 guy, Hugo Antonin. We join them as they sit on the bed with Hugo asking questions about Tomas‘s sex life and experience. He gently persuades Tomas to try a kiss and, enjoying it, Tomas decides they can go a little further. Gerasim Spartak and Tomas Salek are two very handsome str8 guys. In this screen test it is Gerasim who gets to experience sex with a guy for the first time. As he arrives Gerasim is greeted by Tomas. They have a chat, where Gerasim explains that he hasn't done anything with a guy before. When he agrees to try something Tomas leans over and kisses him. Then after a little persuasion things go further. Stunning str8guy Leo Lombar has his screen test today. He is paired with the equally hot str8guy, Tomas Salek, who has proved himself to be a great bottom. The guys walk into the room after a heavy training session. As they sit on the bed Leo flexes his biceps and Tomas comments on what a good body he has. Leo explains that he still has to work harder. He stands up and starts flexing as his hot body is admired by Tomas. He strips down to his underwear showing off that hot body. Two very hunky str8 guys Tomas Salek and Milos Ovcacek are looking at brochures for their annual vacation, but they soon get distracted as they check out each other and begin to kiss. They feel each other as they kiss. Milos pulls off Tomas' tee shirt to reveal his hot chest. As he kisses Tomas and feels that chest Milos also opens the shorts, reaching inside too. We have three handsome sr8 guys, Oto Useda, Tomas Salek, and Oleg Hubert in a great scene. They walk into the bedroom and strip off their tee shirts.Then they decide they need to rest and all lie on the bed. Tomas is in the middle and begins admiring and feeling the other guys' bodies. As he runs his hands over them he rubs over their groins too.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins

Title: Wank Parties Plus From Prague 43
Added On: Friday, August 30, 2019

Wank Parties Plus From Prague 43
We have a great cast of very hunky guys for this Wank Party, Hugo Antonin, Leo Lombar, Pavel Sora and Roman Baren. In this first part we join Pavel Sora as he is rubbing all over his hot body as he relaxes. He is joined by Hugo Antonin who starts to feel Pavel's body, and to kiss him. Hugo reaches a hand into Pavel's jeans too, groping inside as he continues to kiss and rub the body. This Wank Party features Roman Baren, Leo Lombar, Hugo Antonin and Pavel Sora. In part 2 we rejoin them as Hugo is sucking Pavel's cock while he in turn is being sucked by Roman who feels Leo's mouth on his stiff cock too. Then they all move with Roman bending over to take Pavel's throbbing cock in his ass. We have a wonderful cast for this Wank Party, with Martin Hovor, Nicolas Daner, Ivanek Ukara and Alan Hemar. In this first part we see Martin sneaking into the room, followed by Alan and Nicolas who are leading in a blindfolded Ivanek. It is his birthday and Martin promises that they have a surprise for him. They push Ivanek onto the bed and all three guys clamor to kiss him, stripping him naked in the process. This Wank Party features Martin Hovor, Nicolas Daner, Alan Hemar and Ivanek Ukara. In this second part we join the action as Nicolas is enjoying three cocks as he lies on the bed wanking. The others kneel around him so that he can suck them in turns.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins