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Title: Timberwolves 2: Blood Moon
Added On: Friday, January 24, 2020

Timberwolves 2: Blood Moon
Sexual animals with primal inhibitions still walk among us in “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2,” a supernatural sequel to the wildly successful Timberwolves from 2013. The stakes are higher and the sex is hotter as furry studs tear into each other in a rapacious and raw fuck-fest. Wolf brothers Drake Masters and Sharok are living quietly among the mortals in this sleepy mountain town, but it’s Drake who can’t seem to control his primal impulses to feed, which threatens to expose the pack. “Blood Moon” picks up with Adam Ramzi returning and seeking answers to a friend's disappearance in the local woods just five years earlier. Sheriff Ricky Larkin finds him irresistible. Adam tells himself he’s looking for his missing friend, but as the case grows cold, he learns he's just being used for sweaty man sex. Unable to face the truth about his own actions, Adam has a huge fight with Ricky. Ricky seeks advice from his horse-hung besties Boomer Banks, Jake Morgan, and Logan Stevens, and leaves them to finish their thirsty game of flip-fuck strip poker. Adam stumbles into the woods under a “Blood Moon” and becomes prey for Drake’s uncontrollable appetite. Drake denies his crime to his brother, Sharok, who turns to Alex Mecum’s massive cock for comfort. Meanwhile, the rift between wolf brothers and the locals rips wide open when they find Adam’s ravaged body. Violence gets out of hand and Drake must reveal his true wolf nature to help his brother escape. Drake and a wounded Sharok race through the badlands, where Drake blows married straight dude Brian Bonds for gas money. Desperate and lost, Drake wanders the desert where he meets lone wolf, Drew Sebastian who teaches him how to own his true nature and survive; Drake thanks him by riding his ten-inch dick. Back home, Deputy Riley Mitchel gets his beefy ass impaled by Sheriff Ricky. Alight with the fury of vengeance, Drake returns home to reckon with his tormentors. “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2” will leave you howling for more.
Series: Timberwolves
Director: Steve Cruz

Title: Running Butthole Challenge
Added On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Running Butthole Challenge
When Pierce Paris shows Joey Mills the Running Butthole Challenge, Joey puts on a big show of being disinterested. However, when Pierce checks in on him later the sexy brown-haired twink is getting ready to make his own movie for it! Pierce sees an opportunity and sneaks into Joey's room, setting himself up underneath Joey's phone so that when Joey attempts the challenge he ends up with Pierce's rock hard cock up his ass. Johnny Rapid has decided that he's going to take part in the Running Butthole Challenge, even if it means causing a hell of a ruckus in his hotel room as he repeatedly tries and fails to get the angle right. Cassidy Clyde in the room next door is trying to get some business done, but Johnny's crashing and cussing is driving him up the wall. Cassidy goes to Johnny's room to see what's causing the commotion and finds the aspiring acrobat wedged between his bed and the wall. The running butthole challenge has claimed yet another sweet hole as Pierce Paris finds himself having to explain to his very handsome doctor, Scott DeMarco, how he got his phone stuck up there. After a short struggle, Scott was able to dislodge the now ringing phone from Pierce's hole. As Pierce rushes to answer it, he starts teasing Scott with his perfectly round ass dangling in the air.
Studio: Men

Title: Big Black Dicks
Added On: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Big Black Dicks
When you need to get laid, there’s nothing like bending over and taking some “Big Black Dicks” up the ass! Alexander Volkov takes Pheonix Fellington’s dick in his butt raw before flipping him around. Andre Donovan violates Lucas Leon’s little white hole. Pheonix makes a second appearance to get his hole bred by Andrey Vic. And Lucas goes for round two by sharing Sean Xavier’s monster black dick with Jason Cox!
Director: Michael Lucas

Title: Big Dick Ass Stretching 2
Added On: Friday, January 17, 2020

Big Dick Ass Stretching 2
Tony is busy watching some gay porn and wishing he could fuck some tight man ass. When David comes into the picture he makes Tony’s fantasy come true. Marti doesn’t understand his homework and is having a hard time. Benjamin knows how to handle hard situations and offers to lend him a helping hand, an offer that Marti can’t refuse. Tomm is working out with some dumbbells while Marek massages his rock hard biceps. He starts massaging his chest and abs, and before he knows it he is grabbing at Tomm’s hard cock. While taking in the sun John asks Max if he can oil him up because his skin is getting dry. Max starts at the top and goes lower and lower till he finds something hard at the bottom.
Director: KK

Title: Thick Mature Cocks
Added On: Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thick Mature Cocks
As Matt Muck bends over to do the work, Dustin Steele takes notice of how great he looks in his "Nut Huggers" as he grabs his ass. They start making out and their clothes come off as Mike drops to his knees and starts sucking Dustin's hard cock. Rikk York and Sean Duran are looking at the rain coming down. Instead of going out, Rick has a better idea and the two retire to the bedroom where they start making out passionately. Riley Mitchell has come to Tony Orion for a nice deep massage. Once on the table, Tony cannot help but compliment how good Riley looks. He takes off his own shirt revealing his own beefy hairy body before he starts stroking Riley's big hard cock. Bennett Anthony is excited to find out what kind of surprise Cesar Rossi has prepared for him. They begin kissing and enjoying one another before it arrives. Suddenly, their good friend Angel Ventura is at the door. He can’t wait to join them in the bed.
Director: Gio Caruso

Title: Sluts For Big Cocks
Added On: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sluts For Big Cocks
News Flash: Gay men are sluts for big cocks! Riley Mitchel gives up his jock hole for Luke Harrington's big cock. Then Riley gives his big cock to Tyler Griz's loose hole. Muscle slut, Riley Ward, lets his seriously tight hole get wrecked by Aiden Ward's big cock while Jett Reed's slut hole gets worked over by Luke Harrington.
Director: Tyler Reed

Title: Meet My Penis
Added On: Thursday, December 26, 2019

Meet My Penis
Meet My Penis – now there's an invitation that few red-bloodied gay males would every turn down, especially if said penis was huge and belonged to a beautiful hunk of solid man. Each of these guys have an appetite for a hot ass and some wet lips and it's like love at first sight as they drop to their knees and introduce their mouth and tongue to the throbbing appendage before offering up their ass for a hot one-on-one party. Starring a whole bunch of hot guys with hard bodies and even harder cocks, so let the penis party begin!
Studio: Raging Bulls

Title: Hung AF
Added On: Monday, December 9, 2019

Hung AF
“I can’t wait for you to see me take this big dick twice; and huge cumshots!” says dark-haired, muscular Manny referring to toned cutie Kieran. “You ready to get into this ass?” asks Manny, after some heavy petting and French kissing. “Bend over,” replies horny Kieran, as he turns Manny around, and spreads his ass cheeks. He slides his tongue into his tight hole, licking and slurping before slapping his bubble butt with this massive meat and sliding it into Manny’s eager ass. Tall, muscular Jax and ripped cutie Dean are spending the day in the park getting to know each other a little better. “I’ve been real excited for this pairing. I’ve seen him, and he’s a bit of a champ. Very athletic! I’d love to see what he can do in the bedroom,” says Jax. “I’m real excited to see what else you got going on. I’ve seen what you got down there from previous films. Let’s see what I’m up against,” says Dean. Ripped Sean and fit bottom Cole are making their way back indoors after a quick trail hike. “I hope Cole is ready to take my dick ‘cause he started blowing me on the trail, and if he’s not up to par; I am going to destroy his ass!” says hunky Sean. “I heard he’s strictly a bottom, and that makes me excited ‘cause now I get to use my cock to its full potential. I’m so excited to dominate his ass,” adds Sean. Tall, fit Randy and athletic cutie Dexter are getting ready to enter the home dugout for some backdoor sliding in their sexy jock straps. “Randy, you look so good! You must be in the gym like every day,” comments brown-haired Dexter. “It’s been a little bit, but I’ll get back into it,” responds handsome Randy. “Look at that dick! My gosh you’re so gorgeous, and so manly looking. You’ve got a perfect smile,” says Dexter swooning while cupping Randy’s cock. “Damn, look at that ass! There’s no hair in there so I can fuck him for as long as I want, and it won’t chafe my dick up. It’s gonna be a damn good time!” says Randy.
Studio: Sean Cody
Director: Sean Cody

Title: Seduced By A Big Dicked Twink
Added On: Monday, November 25, 2019

Seduced By A Big Dicked Twink
Cute twinks with big dicks and greedy holes get down to some hardcore bareback fun!
Studio: BoyFun

Title: Drop It Deep 2
Added On: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Drop It Deep 2
African king, Sly the Abuser, is gonna drop his load deep inside Pigboy and make him moan and suffer like a little white bitch! With his 10 inch black destructor cock he violates Pigboy and his hungry manpussy and leaves it gaping with his load! Doggone good!
Series: Drop It Deep
Director: Pigboy
Starring:Pigboy Sly